Floyd Martin retired from his job as a mailman after 35 years. Martin worked the same route in Marietta, Georgia for decades and has grown to become a well-known figure in his community.

Martin went above and beyond for his local community in Georgia. From taking special care of elderly neighbors to delivering children lollipops along with the daily mail, he did it all. Martin was loved by everyone in the neighborhood, including the cats and dogs, which he fed daily on his route. He was able to develop a very special relationship with residents in the neighborhood, knowing some of them for their whole lives. 

On his last day at work, people on his usual route surprised him with decorated mailboxes, gifts, and a block party.

"I could have left them a long time ago, but I wouldn't because I love them. And the relationship [with the neighborhood] I couldn't leave it. I could have had an easier route but I wouldn't do it," Martin told a reporter at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.Martin has always wanted to travel to Hawaii, and because of the community served he can fully enjoy his time off. The Marietta neighborhood started a GoFundMe to “help him achieve his dream of going to Hawaii on a well deserved vacation.” The fundraising team was able to raise over $19,000 in 8 hours, which well exceeded their original goal of $5,000.

Floyd announced that the community’s sendoff was the nicest thing anyone has done for him.

“You were there when I needed you, even if you didn’t know it,” Martin said to the crowd, “Continue to take care of each other, and smile when you think of me.”