Frank Ocean released his second album, Blonde, in 2016, and the artist recently gave hope new music could be on the horizon.

Complex reported the “Forrest Gump” crooner shared a teaser of a track on his Instagram Stories that featured synths, vocals and no drums and appeared to be a small part of a 3-minute and 48-second song that finds the 36-year-old in a reflective mood, mentioning “his younger self.”

Ocean dropped two tracks, “Dear April” and “Cayendo,” in 2020 and teased new music during his Coachella set earlier this year, telling the crowd, “I wanna talk about why we’re here because it’s not because of a new album. … Not that there’s not a new album, but there’s not right now.”

While also set to headline Coachella’s second weekend, Ocean dropped out following a leg injury in April.

According to a Vice report the following month, fans’ overwhelming hunger for new music reached new heights, with a scammer reportedly making around CAD 13,000 (about $9,400) for fake Frank Ocean leaks created using AI.

Regarding the recent snippet, fans have expressed immense joy for what they’ve received and are excited for more from the “Swim Good” artist.

“me n the homies crying to this new frank ocean snippet,” @lvnarboymusic tweeted.

“frank ocean stans the new era NOW upon us. We did it. The drought IS over. WE’RE SO BACK,” @workinonit wrote with a meme video.

While it’s been a while since Ocean dropped something, the wait may be over soon.