Gary Owen took to social media to blast Delta Airlines for allegedly racially profiling his wife on Sunday.

The comedian shared his discontent with the airline company on Instagram, stating that his wife, Kenya Duke, was mistreated for being in line to board her first class seat.

The Jasmine Brand reports the Think Like a Man star stated that his wife and daughter were at the Cincinnati Airport in Ohio waiting to travel to San Francisco around 7 a.m. on Sunday when the incident occurred. 

"Your gate agent asked my wife as she was standing in the priority line if she was in first class. She said yes," Owens captioned his video directed at Delta Airlines.

"My wife is a Black woman," he continued. "So she asks your agent 'are you not going to ask the man behind me if he is in first?' Your agent said NO. My wife asked why? Your agent said 'because I don’t want to.'"

Owen, a white comedian, often speaks about his interracial relationship and the many facets of racism he's witnessed since being with his longtime wife. 

"Your ticket agent was a white man, the man standing behind my wife was a white man," Owen stated, bringing attention to the racial discrimination.

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Owen, visibly upset in the video, tagged the airline to demand an explanation.

"I have well over 2 million miles on Delta. I know you have a lot of amazing employees that treat ppl with respect & dignity. But what happened this morning was not ok."

Replies of sympathies and outrage flooded Owens' comment section, with many Black men and women echoing Duke's experience with their own.

"S**t happens all the time," wrote fellow comic Affion Crockett. "Happens to me all the time," replied Jeannette Jenkins, a celebrity fitness trainer. "These companies need to train their staff to respect all customers."

Delta Airlines did not publicly comment on the issue, but it did reply to Owen's Twitter account in what appeared to be an attempt to contact Duke.

No further update has been reported at this time.

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