Remember those resolutions you set in January? The sacrifice you made for Lent? Have you made progress yet? You had such good intentions when you set your goals, but life got in the way and it’s hard to remember what you even wanted to change in the first place.

Blame it on a weird winter or unexpected life changes or loss of motivation – most people hit a slump with their goals by this time of year. If you happen to fall under that category, do not fear! With a little flexibility and these quick tips, you will be back on the goal-achieving wagon in no time!

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Remember why you set your goals

Did you want to travel later this year? Remember that when you want to buy an extra pair of shoes instead of saving the cash. Did you want to wear a certain dress for a special event this summer? Remember that when you don’t feel like going to the gym. You set each of your goals for a reason: A reason important enough to commit to for at least 40 days or 12 months. Write down that reason and make it visible.

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Revise your resolutions

Life happens. Your best friend is getting married and now all the money you thought would save is going to a bachelorette party and a bridesmaid dress. You graduate college and enter the corporate workforce where working out isn’t as easy you had planned. Retool your resolutions and goals to match your new lifestyle. Instead of $300 each month going to your travel fund, maybe update it to $200 and start learning travel hacks.

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Ask for help

Chances are there’s someone in your circle who is struggling to stay on track and there’s someone else in your circle who is knocking out their goals without breaking a sweat. Team up! Share your goals with each other in a Google Doc and hold one another accountable. A text once a week can make the difference between another year of forgotten goals and a year of achievement.

Keep a journal

Never underestimate the power of writing things down. This undeniable power is why you made your vision board in January. It is just as important to keep track of where you went wrong. What are the triggers that make you stray from your goals? When you see that each week you have the same roadblocks, you can start to make changes and get yourself back on track.


What tools are you using to stay on top of your goals? Let us know in the comments below

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