For many of us makeup lovers out there, especially those of us who appreciate a bomb matte lip, it’s easy to hop on the MAC cosmetics bandwagon. It’s easily accessible, reasonably priced and the pigments are to die for. But that’s not the only brand worth trying to achieve that perfect matte lip.

Here’s a few makeup brands with deserved notoriety and some awesome matte lip products you must try.

  1. ColourPop 

Based in Santa Monica, ColourPop is a relatively new cosmetics brand that’s all about going big or going home. Featuring three types of lip products to give you the perfect matte look, you can choose between their ultra matte liquid lipsticks, lippie stix, or lippie pencils. The brand really thrives on the motto, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” They’re a company that aims to create products for women of every shade, from notorious neutrals to bold purples and reds. It’s no wonder why this line puts the “pop” in popular with their bold matte lipsticks that never top $10. No matter what color you’re trying to achieve, or your budget, ColourPop has you covered.


2. NYX 

NYX is no rookie to the makeup game. They have a wide variety of lip products that any makeup lover is sure to enjoy. One of the best products is the Soft Matte Lip Creamcollection. These babies apply like glosses but dry to a moisturizing matte finish. Not to mentoin they’re only $6. Is there really a need to say more?


3. Smashbox 

Though mostly known for their foundation and primer products, Smashbox has quite a few revolutionary essentials in their collection. Although their matte lipsticks are already popping, the company just introduced a new product called Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer. The product takes any kind of lipstick and transforms it to a smooth matte finish. This beauty fixer-upper is priced at $24.

Photo: Youtube

Don’t feel bad if full-face coverage isn’t your thing. Some people, myself included, just enjoy rocking a bold lip. These are just a few different lines you can try to achieve whatever matte look your heart desires. You’re welcome!