Raleigh, North Carolina‘s Shirley Fuller proves hard work and determination are essential to achieving your dreams. Despite setbacks, she recently graduated with a four-year college degree.

According to ABC 11, Fuller graduated from Wake Tech Community College at 70 and vowed to continue her education. However, a devastating fire dampened her plans temporarily, but “Grandma Shirley” pushed through.

On Saturday, Fuller graduated college, earning her bachelor’s in behavioral and social sciences from North Carolina Central University.

The 76-year-old great-great-grandmother became the first person in her family to earn a college degree.

“Praise the Lord,” Fuller told ABC 11. “It means everything to me. Because my children know I’m not a quitter!”

Fuller began her academic career a few years ago and graduated with an associate’s degree from Wake Tech in May 2017. Nine months later, an accidental fire at her Raleigh apartment building completely changed her life.

“I lost everything I owned, except one object. And that was my textbook from Wake Tech,” Fuller said, per ABC 11. “And I said to God, there is a reason that this textbook survived this fire.”

While the fire hampered her plans temporarily, Fuller continued to press on through hard times.

“I struggled. I grieved. I cried. I raised hell with myself when I needed to. But we don’t know what steps God has for us,” she said.

Fuller also battled with drug addiction and depression and was a survivor of sexual assault. In addition to her college plans, the 76-year-old talked about opening a recovery facility for women in addiction.

“I want to help other women who I know have been through worse situations than I did,” Fuller said.

“Grandma Shirley” has no signs of slowing down and plans to further her education.

“And what you don’t know is I’m going for my Master’s,” Fuller laughed.

Fuller said she plans to pursue a master’s degree in public administration while launching her non-profit recovery facility.