It is bittersweet to find out black people are making history for things that should have been opened to us in the past. 

In one of Georgia's largest counties, a black judge will make history as the first elected African-American to rule in cases. 

Ronda Colvin-Leary is not the first black judge in the county. Others have been appointed to the magistrate, juvenile and recorders courts, according to the Atlanta Journal-Consitution. She is, however, the first black person to win an election to the state court. Colvin-Leary beat out her competition in May, but was sworn in Thursday, September 27.    

“I love State Court because, for me, I like to think that … if you come to State Court we can try to address it before something else major happens and you wind up in Superior Court for a more serious offense,” Colvin-Leary said.

Her resume is quite impressive. For 17 years she has had a thriving career in law, serving as a solicitor for the city of Winder, Georgia, and running a personal law practice in Lawrenceville, Georgia for 10 years, reports CBS Atlanta. 

She is a graduate of Auburn University in Alabama and she obtained her Juris Doctorate from Florida Coastal School of Law. Since 2001, she has been a member of the State Bar of Georgia. 

As a State Court Judge, Colvin-Leary will more than likely deal with civil actions, misdemeanors and traffic violations by preventing these issues from escalating to more serious legal problems for offenders. 


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