Ja Rule is promoting an app, and it’s eerily similar to the Fyre app he promoted before the doomed festival.

The rapper is hawking a booking app called ICONN on Twitter, reports Complex.

The new app’s website claims users can use it to book celebrities for their events. The site lists a bevy of famous faces including Meek Mill, Cardi B and Steph Curry.

If you click on a listing, it shows a description of the talent and an application to request a booking. Required information includes the length of the event, a booking fee offer and hospitality services to be provided to the talent. The page also features an interactive calendar with times based on the person’s availability.

ICONN is very similar to the Fyre app Ja Rule promoted in 2017. The doomed Fyre Festival was created to promote the app, which could also be used to book artists. Thanks to two documentaries about the festival, the Fyre app is fresh in folks’ minds as was evident in Twitter's reaction to Ja's promotion of ICONN:

Although the “Always on Time” rapper was involved in the failed Fyre Fest, he has been adamant about not being party to the fraudulent parts of the endeavor that landed Fyre co-founder Billy McFarland in prison.

Still, Ja has refused to keep a low profile since the release of Hulu and Netflix documentaries about the festival.

At a recent concert, Ja Rule encouraged fans to air their grievances about Fyre Fest, according to Insider.

“I want y’all to repeat after me,” he said. “Get it out of your f**king system cause we ain’t gonna do this s**t for the rest of the year! So get your motherf**king middle fingers up.”

When the fans obliged, Ja Rule led a chant.

“Let me hear you say, ‘F**k you, Ja Rule!'”

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