Home Depot finally responded to Tyrese‘s racial discrimination lawsuit. The popular home improvement store said it has footage of the incident that proves the R&B singer’s story is a false narrative.

According to TMZ, Home Depot has a different version of what took place during Tyrese’s visit to the store earlier this year, coming to its staff’s defense. The store says its cameras show that the Baby Boy actor did not engage with a cashier, per legal documents obtained by TMZ. Instead, the complaint states that when Tyrese and his associates, Eric Mora and Manuel Hernandez, went to purchase items, he left for 25 minutes to grab additional products, which caused the cashier to void his transaction.


As Blavity reported, the 44-year-old artist, along with Mora and Hernandez, sued Home Depot for $1 million.

“I really struggled with even filing the lawsuit because Home Depot has literally been my favorite place. It’s like my Disneyland,” the Fast and Furious star told TMZ in August. “This might sound crazy, but I’ve probably spent a minimum of $8-$10 million at Home Depot over the last 20 years.”

As a frequent shopper of the Wells Hills location of Home Depot, Tyrese said he was shocked that a cashier allegedly denied Mora and Hernandez’s use of his card at checkout after he said he informed the store that his associates had permission to do so.

“When they did that blatant racism to them at Home Depot they wasn’t just mad, they was rattled,” he said in the same interview with TMZ.

Tyrese has responded to Home Depot’s account of the events through Instagram, saying he isn’t surprised at the company’s response due to the fact that co-founder and former CEO Bernard Marcus is a “Trump supporter.”

“Speaking UP [and] speaking OUT against blatant racism and discrimination is nothing new for me,” he wrote in a statement to The Shade Room via Instagram. “I would never ever [think] this would happen to me at Home Depot…. 20+ years and this is the f***ing thanks we get…..”