After receiving backlash on social media, Beatrice Dixon, founder of plant-based feminine care brand The Honey Pot Company, is finally speaking out. Dixon, who’s also the CEO of the company, took to Instagram to address the chatter online about Honey Pot products’ formula changing and rumors that the company was sold.

People took to Twitter to bash the company for its alleged rebranding and additional ingredients. As people shared their concerns, rumors circulated that the company had been sold and is no longer Black-owned.

“Dang Honeypot went from ‘Black owned’ to ‘Black Founded,'” one user wrote in a now-viral tweet. “That explains the rebrand.”

Twitter users flooded the comments, expressing their disdain for Dixon allegedly selling The Honey Pot.

“What is the point of buying black if you are just gonna sell it to white people anyway?” one Twitter user questioned. “They build off of black dollars then you wanna go “mainstream.”

“After Carols Daughter I was done,” another person wrote. “ATP black owned means buy black to help me get my money up so I can sale the co. to white folks who gon change the unique ingredients that brought the BLK customers in the first place. I want them to stop using us.”

Others were quick to point out the new formula and ingredients.

“Already changed ingredients,” one person wrote along with a side-by-side image of the ingredient lists on an older and newer bottle.

“Wow i didn’t even notice,” another user replied. “I’ve sworn by this product for years too and now it’s not the same. can the ladies please recommend an alternative? thank you.”

“After seeing posts about the Honey Pot changing up the ingredients, I just went to check a new bottle & an old bottle and IM SICK,” they wrote with a crying emoji. “We can’t have anything.”

Dixon addressed formula changes in a video posted on The Honey Pot’s Instagram.

“But I assure you the washes are still pH balanced, they’re dermatologist tested now, they’re hypoallergenic now, they’re safe for skin, they also do not have any added parabens, dioxide or sulfates, and this has always been the case,” she said in the video posted to Instagram.

The Honey Pot founder continued to address people’s concerns on her personal Instagram page.

“I hear you and I see you,” she wrote in the post. “I will be addressing everything from our formulation evolution, your concerns, and even the misinformation spreading. I welcome these conversations and thank you for holding me accountable.”

She also went on to denounce the hateful speech she’s been receiving.

“I am turning off comments on my post due to harmful, violent, and threatening language used by some humans,” Dixon said. “My statement is coming soon. Thank you for your patience as I listen, learn, and work with the Honey Pot Co team to address this matter.”

Dixon started working on The Honey Pot in 2012. According to CNN, the brand started off on the shelves of Whole Foods and expanded to Target years later. In 2017, The Honey Pot Company, which sells products like plant-derived and chemical-free washes, wipes, pads and tampons, was in over 1,000 Target stores nationwide.

The business continued to grow, with an annual sales growth number of 382% from 2018 to 2019.