I absolutely love looking back into the past because I believe that it helps us do two important things:

1. Assess how far we've come in our society

2. Understand a little bit more about our future

The beauty industry has been widely known to be dominated by a particular standard of beauty. However, during the decades of the '60s and '70s, because of successful African-American publications such as Ebony magazine, more beauty brands began using African-American models and celebrities to promote their products.

Here is just a small compilation of those gorgeous beauty advertisements from our history.

image from google.com Photo: Noxema

Brands such as Noxzema and Maybelline were on board with targeting women of color.

image from google.com Photo: Maybelline

Fashion Fair Cosmetics is one of the largest black-owned cosmetics since 1973. It played a huge role in incorporating more women of color in the beauty realm.

Chantilly was a popular fragrance for women in the 1940s.
image from google.com Photo: Houbigant

image from google.com Photo: Fleur de Gloire

Raveen was well known in the '60s as way to bring your hair to 'life.' image from google.com Photo: Supreme Beauty Products

image from google.com Photo: Posner

Posner was another African-American cosmetics company birthed out of the 1940s.

image from google.com Photo: Posner

image from google.com Photo: Houbigant

image from google.com Photo: Posner

image from google.com  Photo: Avon

image from google.com Photo: Fashion Fair

image from google.com Photo: Posner

beauty Photo: Parlour

beauty Photo: Zuri

Our black has always and will continue to be beautiful.

With Grace,


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