In an industry that is still, after so many years and so many female influences, dominated by men, House of June seeks to change that.I came across the House Of June after hearing of them through a conversation with a fellow writer at Live Inspired. Their story was real and unique. Two young women trying to figure it out, trying to do what they love and showing the world their journey through their storytelling. There is nothing more captivating. So I took a trip to Atlanta to get the goods, figure out what this creative team was entirely about.  I’d never thought that my outlook on life beyond entertainment would ever be the same.  House of June started of as a duo team. Ebony and Amber, both studying film at Georgia State University, met after finding a link of similarity. But one thing about being creative, it is almost never enough. You’ve got to be smart; Ebony and Amber were smart. While Ebony had studied public relations and knew just what they’d need to facilitate House of June into becoming a powerful production company, they focused on the art, and they needed someone focused on the business, that’s where Tempest came in. Savvy and although extremely versed on productions, she became the perfect professional fit for House of June. And here’s where things take off.
If you haven’t heard of the Shrink in B6, it’s a web series that is created, written and funded directly by the House of June production company. What’s more, it’s their story. The plot of this web series follows a girl that’s lost her job after which she had no choice but to “find” herself. She does that with the help of her peers. Not only does the series tackle Thai issue it also focuses in on the many different dynamics maturing in a world that only has one definition of success.So how do three women build something like this? Where does the passion come from? Why take the risk? If you ask either of them, they don’t see it as something planned or plotted although very rare. It was simply a “natural cohesion of three African American women, putting together a solid creative project.” That in I take is awe worthy.

There is no lead role as far as the dynamics of the company. Each play their professional part solidly so long as the end result is for the betterment of June. Tempest, prides herself on being a single mom that had to take a very different approach to success. She began intervening and has worked with Georgia Public Broadcasting, Bobcat films and a list of other production power houses, simply through volunteer and internships. Amber started out as a camera operator for music videos. It wasn’t her story she told but she learned and she grew into what she wanted to become. Until she met Ebony and then it’s all history.What can be appreciated most about this powerhouse in the making, is the lesson they are do passionately trying to teach those around them. It’s worth the risk, and you might fail a million times, but all you need is to succeed once. One time for the obstacles to make sense. Oh! One more thing. Stop letting people define your success, stop letting them frighten you in to living the status quo. Never be deterred from what you want because it seems too grandiose. That is fear, and it is the greatest for of weakness and the Shrink in B6 is not here for the weak at heart.It’s real and it’s gritty and it will make you think. It might frustrate you because sometimes the truth does, but it will teach you and who are we kidding? We could all use a good lesson in growth.So I’ll leave you guys with this, because after all we are here for nothing more than to create…“Don’t just lay down. Make it happen. Create it.” – House Of June