Sadly, last week saw the end of Cecile Emeke’s Ackee and Saltfish; for many of us here on the other side of the Atlantic, these two vivacious characters highlighted many plights of what it meant to be in your twenties in London. References to afro-caribbean cultural faux-pas (nobody likes the breadback, eugh) and times of opportunistic revelry (we’ve all been slave to old-school 90s music in a department store, the beat wants what the beat wants) have all been fantastically fun to watch, and it was such a pleasure to watch Rachel and Olivia navigate through the various axis of their friendship; even when breath had to be smelt and Lauryn Hill tickets hadn’t been bought.

But do not despair! If you haven’t had enough of our London ladies, they have come to our screens in the form of five friends: Zara, Jade, Mya, Chenayi and Michelle.

The series began with ‘Disturbia’ and the minisode ‘Post-Its’.  We’ve all been there with our housemates: you go to make a cup of tea, or an omelette. The excitement of having the meal leaves you salivating as you saunter over to the fridge. You open it, and then you realise – someone has left barely enough milk in the carton. Your mouth dries up in disappointment and your blood begins to boil. What do you do?

You leave a post-it on the fridge.

This becomes a habit. Hilarity ensues.

You do the same for when the toilet roll has finished, when you find that the kitchen cooker (stove for our American friends) hasn’t been cleaned, or even when you find the television remote in the kitchen cupboard.

In Britain, living in a house with a group who all have different characters and are still friends does create many hilarious tales, and it is always good to see the representation of such a stories through the black gaze in London, especially through women, just living their life. I applaud Monique Needham for her brilliant writing skills and Brother’s With No Game for producing the programme; it’s relatable.

Interested? Catch up on their Youtube channel and follow them on twitter. Episode two has just been uploaded, lock in for their latest shenanigans!