Accessibility and inclusion shouldn’t be afterthoughts for a corporation given the vast differences employees bring to the workplace nowadays. Diversity efforts for coworkers who have different backgrounds, beliefs and views on life should be fostered in a proactive way that makes all feel comfortable sharing their ideas as a contribution. Even with the seemingly divisive nature of society, the workplace can still cultivate a ground where leaders and employees shift the paradigm and treat each other with care and respect, regardless of differences.

Ally has invested in D&I practices over the years and has seen significant growth and financial gains as a result. There are measurable benefits for companies who seek to broaden their employee demographics and gain diverse ideas and perspectives. Businesses are thriving off the impact of employing people from various backgrounds since it positively influences the overall workplace and the communities that they serve. 

A 2018 Forbes article that cited a McKinsey & Company report revealed that companies in the top quartile that support gender diversity outperform their competitors by 15 percent, and companies who support ethnic diversity outperform their competitors by 35 percent. Methods like employee resource groups, inclusive benefit options, unconscious bias education and flexible work accommodations are ways that companies can support diversity from within. 
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When companies respect and honor the individual differences of employees, engagement can be affected positively. In fact, CEO’s like IBM’s Ginni Rometty and Ally’s Jeffery Brown are taking collective action by committing to advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This commitment is driven by a realization that addressing diversity and inclusion is not a competitive issue, but a societal issue.

Diversity and inclusion is multi-faceted. Drawing employees together and celebrating their unique differences is one aspect. In addition to that, corporations are seeking ways to make a positive impact in the communities that surround them and of course, their customer base. Whether it’s addressing financial literacy, providing opportunities for the next generation of leaders or being a resource for those returning to the workforce, there’s an abundance of ways for corporations to make an impact socially and fill a disparity gap. 

Matters like the nationwide issue of a white-male dominated venture capital industry pointed out by an article from AfroTech, can be a stand to take when companies seek diversity opportunities.13 percent of the U.S. population represents Black people, but only one percent of venture capital-backed startups in the country have Black founders. Opening the doors for innovative programs or competitions can be a bridge to close the gap on statistics like these. Diversity works regardless of the industry and can act as a domino effect. Employees from different backgrounds who come together to share inputs from their points of view create solutions that help with companies’ growth overall. 


When looking to solve business problems, varied internal viewpoints can help companies find solutions more efficiently. Also, when employee perspectives are considered, it can boost morale and employee importance, which influences the company’s reputation and can help increase its hiring results. This has a positive impact since a survey by Glassdoor revealed that 67 percent of job seekers take into account the diversity of a company’s work environment when they consider job offers.

Allowing the space for employees to be their true and authentic selves can certainly help the workplace experience and the business thrive and flourish. When employees are taken care of, everyone wins. Ally CEO, Jeffrey “JB” Brown is a leader who sees the value in “creating an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome” and empowering employees to share their unique perspective from a point of empowerment. 

When everyone works with integrity, treats each other with respect and appreciates diversity, we can open to the oneness in all things. Differences may seem insurmountable, but if we’re given the opportunity to drop them and see the shared human commonality in the workplace — the road will be much easier. 

Check out how Ally supports and uplifts brilliant minds from all backgrounds in the documentary below. To learn more about diversity and inclusion at Ally, check out their website too. 

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