If you are familiar with black women influencers of beauty in 2019 then you have heard of Freddie Ransome. Serving as a new face in this realm, Ransome is a junior producer for Buzzfeed and co-host of Ladylike -- a viral web video series where she, along with other co-hosts, discuss topics around beauty, body-positivity, fashion and feminism. 

She is refreshingly honest and has played a pivotal role in moving the needle forward in the movement to have more black women authentically represented in the beauty industry. The playing field of beauty has long been exclusionary, but Ransome saw an opportunity, claimed her space and continues to authentically and confidently show up for herself and others.

We spoke with Ransome and delved into her journey with beauty to explore how she navigates the entertainment industry as a black woman and the ways in which she claims her seat at the table. 

Image: Paola Trusendi

Photo by Paola Trusendi

“I know not everyone has the privilege to show up as they are in certain spaces but that is something I’ve really tried to lean into and not feel self-conscious about,” Ransome told Blavity. “So, I’m figuring out small ways in which I am feeling myself and presenting myself in an authentic way.”

Her bold personality, spunky style and keen fashion sense and are a few of the reasons why Ransome continues to grow in the industry -- but her authenticity is what makes her a staple.

“I just try to live by the idea of: Do it until you feel super comfortable doing it and then it won’t be weird for people,” she said. “After a while people are going to get tired of talking s**t.” 

Whether in front of the cameras, behind the scenes, or at home Ransome lives an authentic life not often shown to the public. She bravely chronicles her journey through the beauty industry as a black woman in the spotlight. Ransome is not afraid to showcase struggles that are rarely publicized. She tackles the lack of shade representation in makeup on camera and discusses the behind the scenes struggle of finding professional stylists that not only know how to manage black hair but know how to style it well. 

“I’ve found myself having quite a bit of anxiety going on set sometimes and wondering who they are going to have on set to do hair and pray they know how to do [it]” she said.

Image: Paola Trusendi

Photo by Paola Trusendi

Ransome goes through her own beauty journey, figuring out what works best for her and finding the small details that allow her to feel like she is presenting her authentic self.

In the midst of breaking barriers and starting important conversations about beauty and femininity, Ransome is still your average working woman. She chooses a straightforward and quick regime that includes a Tracee Ellis Ross-inspired morning routine, lip balm on her lips and only leave-in conditioner in her hair. Living the booked and busy lifestyle doesn’t afford much time for in-store shopping, so Sephora’s digital swatching process and the diversity of products makes shopping for products a lot easier. 

“So, lots of lip products and hair products from Sephora,” she said. “Definitely Deva Curl products for my hair and I’m very into lip gloss lately, so I love a Fenty gloss and Anastasia Beverly Hills gloss as well, they have pigmented glosses that I’m really into.” She also listed her favorite perfume, Florence by Tocca. 

With such a wide range and diverse set of brands and products available, it’s easy for anyone to shop at Sephora. Whether you are shopping for an everyday full face of makeup or just need to pick up some lip balm and leave-in conditioner, they offer shoppers everything they need to both protect and beautify their skin. 

Plus, you can’t forget skin protection, Ransome reminds: “Wear SPF all day, every day,” she said. “Black is beautiful, dark skin is beautiful -- don’t run from the sun, let nature run its course because you are beautiful at all stages of life and at all skin tones and complexions.”

Image: Kelsey Campion

Photo by Kelsey Campion

And by taking up space in the loud and often one-shaded industry, Freddie reminds us to show up to be your most authentic self. She reveals how many of her fans and supporters ask her about how she got so confident and she says it’s no secret.

“It’s important to remember I’m not that confident, I just continue to proceed with what I want to do despite maybe not feeling my best self or feeling a little self-conscious,” she said. “It’s kind of like the idea of courageous versus being fearless -- courage is not being fearless, it is proceeding and continuing despite the fear.”

Feature photo by Paola Trusendi. This piece is brought to you in partnership with Sephora.