I’m still not over the experience I had early on Sunday morning. Watching the woman (and women) I’ve grown up with dominate in a white mainstream sphere was so exhilarating and empowering.

I almost missed this performance of a lifetime, but God. I was in an Uber and just so happen to click on my YouTube app four minutes into her show, and again, God (BeyGod). I knew I would get nothing less than perfection, but the culture drip that the Beyoncé buzz unleashed on that unknowingly uncultured crowd gave me LIFE. And while I live for a bomb beat, perfect vocals, a nasty dance routine, entertaining probates and a good wardrobe, that was not what took me over. What did it for me was that necessary girl group reunion with Kelly and Michelle — Destiny’s Child!

In an era of media inflamed beef between mainstream women, the visual and vocals of three women killing it on stage together after years of disbandment, due to a rocketing career of one member, is, was and will always be the definition of grace and sisterhood. Beyoncé, the first black woman to headline Beychella (formerly known as Coachella) brought her sisters out to slay the masses with her. Like, whatttttt!? This could have easily been Beyonce's moment, and hers alone, yet, she shared a moment of a lifetime with the women that helped build the career she has now.

Let’s not act like Destiny’s Child's catalog was not the business. Truth be told we still surviving, still calling (some) men bug-a-boos, still looking for a solider and, this I know for sure, we are still starting our hard conversations with “girl” when we notice our homegirl(s) in unhealthy relationships! Destiny's Child birthed the dreams that Beyoncé is living, and sis recognized that. It's not about competition, but recognizing each other's talent and encouraging our talents to shine. Empowerment is what I felt radiating from Beyonce's entire performance, however, the second those three silhouettes appeared on stage is when it hit me that this is exactly what we are missing in the industry. Empowering representations of black women collectively entrusting their talent in one another to manifest a vision and a whole lifestyle. The sisterhood of Destiny's Child is why HBeyCU is a needed entity in the 21st century.

This reunion performance sums up the meaning of being a part of a sisterhood in the entertainment industry. I’ll always revere this moment, the moment where I witnessed the women who made independent women feel empowered, reconvened with gladness in their hearts. It meant something to me and I hope this isn’t the last we’ll see of the trio, or of women of color in the entertainment business, “looking out” for one another.