The world that hip-hop music artists live in is regularly viewed as fast, glamorous and flashy. Big parties, huge entourages, grand dining experiences—just a taste of the many extravagances that regular, everyday people are privy to through our favorite rap artists’ social media accounts and numerous paparazzi sightings. One can only imagine those visions being even more dazzling from an innovator of the most popular genre in music. But not for living hip-hop legend Joseph Simmons and his wife, Justine.

Joseph, more widely known as Rev. Run, was one-third of music’s most influential hip-hop group, Run-DMC. He married his wife, Justine, in the 1990s, and they created a “Brady Bunch” type of family. He came into the union with three children from a previous marriage, and together they had four more (one passed shortly after being born). The unit had their own reality TV show called Run’s House in the 2000s that reignited Rev. Run’s celebrity, and also turned his wife and kids into their own individual powerhouses.

Through music and television, Rev. Run and Justine have experienced many highs. Now they’re doing it again, but this time, interestingly, through healthy eating. They’re ambassadors for Novo Nordisk’s Ask.Screen.Know., “a national education program that challenges Americans to find out about their risk of type 2 diabetes and raise awareness of the need for early screening.” Earlier this week, the two, led by Master Chef Tiffany Derry, actually cooked for me and a few others in New York City, introducing us to healthy alternatives to our favorite foods, and new, stress-free options we could indulge in.

Novo Nordisk

We were showered with five amazingly delicious dishes, all of which are easy and quick for even the most novice cook to make. The first was Zucchini and Feta salad, a salad that actually leaves the leafs out. It’s literally just zucchini and tomatoes topped with feta cheese—and it is to die for. Next, we had Crunchy Zucchini Fries, a veggie alternative to the commonly greasy fast food staple, followed by Grilled Eggplant Dip (think tortilla chips and guacamole that you can enjoy on any day, and not just a cheat day). Chef Derry, Rev. Run and Justine were literally cuttin’ up in the kitchen while serving a wealth of health information—and it wasn’t over!

The main dish, Mediterranean Chicken Stew, was prepared and served to us piping hot. It’s a wonderfully thick broth full of chicken breast poured over a bed of cauliflower rice, and each bite had me licking my lips for more. And if that wasn’t enough, the cooking demonstration was rounded out with dessert—Mexican Dark Chocolate Mousse, topped with strawberries.

Each of those recipes no doubt provide nutritious value, but a big benefit is that they each are great for people who currently have diabetes (more than 30 million Americans) or may be at high-risk (which sadly includes African Americans, who are nearly twice as likely to develop diabetes as white Americans).

Personally affected by family and friends who have suffered with the disease, Rev. Run and Justine, alongside Novo Nordisk, are spreading the word about how to tackle diabetes before it happens to you, or someone you know.

If great food is really good for the soul, then the healthy foods Rev. Run, Justine and Chef Derry introduced to the intimate New York City crowd, are good for your entire body—today and for years to come.

Novo Nordisk

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