How Sisters Jenae And Jasmine Harris Are Finding Success With Their Beauty Subscription Service

They're millennial Madam CJ Walkers.

Photo Credit: Photo: Jasmine Harris

| August 07 2017,

7:38 pm

They wanted to use online box delivery services to get their beauty supplies. But it just wasn't working out.

Deciding to no longer spend money on subscription services that didn't have anything for them, the Harris sisters decided to launch a monthly delivery service of their own, called Huesbox.

They were sure that other women of color would like a subscription service tailored to their skin tones.

And they were right. Huesbox has been in business for about a year, and Jasmine and Jenae have already earned $20,000. And they've shipped more than 2,100 packages to 49 U.S. states.

Buying from smaller companies gives Huesbox an edge, according to the sisters' mother because "what you'll see in our box you won't see in a store."