Howard Students Remind Gentrifier He's A Guest In Their Home After Controversy Over Dog Walking On Campus

Privilege strikes again.

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Fox 5

| April 20 2019,

3:10 pm

Howard University students are taking offense with popular campus spot "The Yard" slowly transforming into another dog park in Washington, D.C. After one gentrifier retorted by suggesting the HBCU should move its campus, the online community quickly reminded him he's a guest in their home.

As with many of D.C.'s historic neighborhoods, the areas surrounding Howard have undergone substantial renovations. Consequently, affluent white millennials have flooded those parts, bringing an unacceptable amount of protocol with them. One Howard sophomore spoke with Fox 5 D.C. about the disrespect of walking one's pup through The Yard, noting the slew of dog parks specifically intended for residents to take their furry friends.

"'The Yard' is for the students and although everyone loves pets, I feel like it's disrespectful to have the pets just running around, especially when there are several parks around here," Malakhi Briggs said. "If they come on 'The Yard' and they're just walking through, I don't necessarily have a problem with that, but I still feel like there are other ways to get around D.C. without having to cut through a college campus."

Instead of honoring said sacred space, one Washingtonian proposed the institution accommodate his needs and up and move the campus to make way for his pets.

I'm sorry, Sean. Whose community?

Twitter users couldn't believe the Caucasity and criticized the Bloomingdale resident for his one-sided idea.

The Black population in D.C.'s Shaw neighborhood has significantly fallen, per DCist. According to the news site, the amount of Black residents dropped from 78% in 1990 to 44% in 2010, the final year with accessible census numbers.

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