Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIN, Google+, Snapchat, Periscope… there are so many social media platforms but how do you know which one is right for you?

It’s hard to find the one. This made me realize that navigating social media is a lot like dating. Bouncing from platform to platform makes it feel like speed dating.

So, if these social media platforms were baes on the scene, this is the kind of date they’d be.


Photo: Facebook.com

This is your high school sweetheart. You two have been through so much and you literally grew up together. When you got that new job who did you tell first? Them. Things aren’t always rainbows and glitter dust but you work through it. There are times when you want to step out and try “something new” mainly because you know they will always take you back.


Photo: twitter.com

Twitter is exciting, wild, popular and free as a bird. Much different from ol’ faithful Facebook. Twitter is one of the best side pieces since [Insert the name of your favorite lovable side piece here]. Twitter keeps you young and hip. They put you on to the latest music and lingo. You love that they have an interest in all your favorite shows and can talk about them forever. The con? They can be overwhelming with some drama issues. And they speak in shorthand.


Photo: Instagram.com

The hottie with the body. Now this one may be a little self-absorbed, but when you look this good can you blame them? Although being eye-candy is its greatest strength, Instagram has a heart of gold and desires to keep you motivated — particularly on Mondays.


Photo: Periscope.tv

The new person you don’t know much about, beyond the fact that they are cute, bubbly and quirky. Their welcoming nature is infectious. It’s like you’ve known each other for years. Can they fill the void that your high school sweetheart created? It is too soon to tell. Proceed with caution.


Photo: Pinterest.com

DING! DING! DING! You have found “the one,” everything you can ever dream of in one person — and they can bake Godiva triple-chunk chocolate Nutella cookies! They are knowledgeable in so many areas that you will be left in awe as they teach you something new every day. The cons? Pinterest might be too perfect and can come off a bit intimidating. But once you get your life together it will become more Pinteresting!

Which social media is YOUR bae? Let us know in the comments below!