Illustrator Howard Russell released an image of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air characters this week that has social media users abuzz with excitement. 

Russell made it clear that the images, which feature both the new and original Aunt Viv, were only portfolio pieces, but that didn’t stop Instagrammers from @ing Netflix and Cartoon Network in the hopes that Howard’s vision would be turned into a full cartoon.

The illustrations even caught the eye of the Fresh Prince himself, who called Howard’s work “what’s up,” and a “hot piece.”


Fans commenting on Smith’s post were just as hyped as those on Howard’s post, and called for Smith to “make it happen.”

User yorque even began fantasy casting the cartoon, writing, “Jaden could voice it.”

On Facebook, Russell expressed his gratitude for all of the positive feedback, writing, “I heart all of you guys … super grateful and thankful.”


And although the illustrator put out another statement today that “there is no current show being worked on,” he also teased big news, telling users on Facebook that the attention the illustrations have garnered opened up at least one big door for him.

“Just got off the phone,” Russell wrote, “Probably had just one of the most life changing phone conversations ever.”


Although Russell has yet to reveal just what the call entailed, his new project will undoubted be just as dope as his Fresh Prince pieces.