Set during the early 19th century in Rio de Janeiro, the provocative Afro-Brazilian drama The Inventor of Dreams (O Inventor de Sonhos) was released in Brazil earlier this month. 

Directed by Ricardo Nauenberg, Inventor follows a young biracial boy named Trazimundo, the son of a black slave woman and a European artist, as he searches for his father, a Portuguese duke who arrived in Brazil with an entourage under the rule of Portugal’s King Joao VI.

In the midst of searching for his father, Trazimundo befriends Luis, the son of the duke. Conflict arises when they both fall for a beautiful freed slave named Iainha, and vie for her affections. 

Here’s the synopsis:


Rio de Janeiro, 1808, through the eyes of two boys: a Brazilian black son of a slave, and a young European adventurer in search of his real father.

In 1796, fleeing the French Revolution, arrived in Brazil two Frenchmen, Jean Louis Pascal and Egbert Lescot. Jean Louis was actually a Portuguese educated in France, the only two with the legal right to remain here, as the Brazil of that time was closed to foreigners. Egbert was an illegal immigrant, itinerant theater artist, bohemian by nature, who would soon become enchanted by the dark skin of African slaves, who did not altogether. Would soon be in billet Dindara sinuous curves of a black domestic rare beauty, that it become pregnant. In May 1797 born a mulatto boy, Joseph Trazimundo. Do not even have time to be lulled. The father disappeared.

Inventor of Dreams is the story of Joseph Trazimundo a mestizo boy in search of its origins, in search of his father, who believes the Portuguese court to reach the runaway Napoleonic invasions … Over the thirteen years of residence of the court in Brazil, demand suffers twists until the final revelation, the source surprising.

The film stars Icarius Silva, Miguel de Oliveira and Sharon Menezes.

I couldn’t find a trailer and/or clips with English subtitles, but watch the trailer and clip below. These images seem to be worth more than a thousand words.

PROMO o inventor de sonhos from ricardo nauenberg on Vimeo.

Cenas Sheron Menezzes from ricardo nauenberg on Vimeo.