Indya Moore is bringing some Christmas cheer to kids and young adults in need through their new program TransSanta, which helps connect willing donors with trans people in need of holiday gifts. 

The Pose star recently explained the significance of the holiday venture on Instagram. 

"So excited to announce @tranSanta! A SAFE and CONVENIENT way to give and receive, for trans and intersex youth-led by trans and intersex people! This year has been so stressful and especially for trans folks. Trans issues don't receive much visibility or attention, unfortunately, but this year has been the most violent and deadly for my community," Moore wrote on Instagram.

"It has been very upsetting. So one day my eldest and one of my most beloved loved ones @chasestrangio and I flushed and cried about it and decided we needed to do something for the young ones. We linked up with these two loving geniuses @denimdaddy420 and @pidgeon and @tranSanta was born," Moore explained.

The TransSanta Instagram page has dozens of messages from young trans people seeking everything from help with college tuition to basic needs like coats, socks and shoes. 

In another Instagram post, the organization explained that the project is important because of what many trans people have been facing since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic

"Why is this project so important? Right now trans young people, particularly Black and Brown trans youth, are under ATTACK in states across the country and AROUND THE WORLD. The Covid pandemic has exacerbated unsafe conditions for trans youth who are houseless, in foster care, in detention, or in abusive dangerous situations," the organization said in a statement. 
"For the holidays, we want to show trans young people that they are loved, supported, and have a family around the country and world — people who care about them⁣⁠. Anyone can be a Santa — join us! Transness is so beautiful and we are celebrating our magic," the organization added. 

Moore spoke about the program in an Instagram interview they held to promote the project.

"I didn't have a chimney growing up in the Bronx or in foster care, but I do have my community now. My friends and I want to make sure that trans kids feel like they are a gift to this world because they are. Acceptance and love are gifts we all deserve all year," Moore said. 

True Colors United estimates 40 percent of the youth homeless population in the United States is made up of LGBTQ youth, according to a report from the organization.

Moore has done their best to give back during the troubling times of the pandemic. In April, they were able to raise more than $20,000 and disburse it to about 50 Black trans and queer people, according to Out. They also urged more people to speak out against the recent bill that was introduced by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard that would ban trans women from competing with cis women in female sports.  

The organization's goal is to "show trans young people that they are loved, supported and have a family around the country and world of people who will care for them,” Moore said in a statement to PEOPLE.

“I think it’s important to take direct action and think about these things when we’re living in a world that universally ostracizes trans people in every possible way," Moore said. 

Anyone interested in contributing to TransSanta should visit its Instagram page to read through the wishlist submissions.