Actor Isaiah Washington praised President Donald Trump for his "work" around criminal justice reform.

Washington expressed his gratitude in a series of tweets on Monday, according to FOX32. The former Grey’s Anatomy star was impressed with the passage of the First Step Act.

“I voted for 44 twice. I even checked my emails in his Senate Office while lobbying for Salone to be given another chance to rebrand,” Washington wrote. “Not once in 8 years was I given any support regarding Africa or the Black Agenda, but 45 invites me to the WH to celebrate the #FirstStepAct.”

He later claimed he was not affiliated with any political party:

“Those who know, know that I’m not a Democrat or a Republican. I will work w/h anyone as long as things get done."

Trump signed the First Step Act into law after months of bipartisan effort. The law gives judges more discretion when sentencing non-violent offenders. It will also promote rehabilitation resources for felons. Budgetary concerns are swarming around the bill.

The law asked for $75 million to be dispersed over five years, but Trump’s recently released budget only allocated $14 million, according to The Marshall Project.

Prison advocate and national director of #Cut50 Jessica Jackson Sloan and other activists met with Trump to persuade him to add more funds.

"In order for the First Step Act to live up to its promise of transforming our federal prisons and improving public safety, it must be fully funded,” she told Marshall. “Right now, it is unclear to me from the president's initial budget request whether or not this includes the $75 million authorized by the First Step Act for FY 2020. I am hopeful that it does but will wait for more details to be released later this week.”

Despite concerns, Trump promised the law’s decrees will be fulfilled in their entirety, reports The New York Times.

“My administration intends to fully fund and implement this historic law,” he said on Monday.

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