A few months ago, our head of Business Development, Aaron was in town during his recent tour to promote his book.  I invited him over my apartment in San Francisco for dinner before his show in Berkeley.  As we were catching up on life and jobs, the conversation naturally turned to discussing the passion projects either of us were working on.

I began telling him enthusiastically about the need for technology to curate content for black people. I started rambling on and on about the huge market size, clear behavioral indicators that African-Americans were ready to consume, and probably sounding a slight bit manic about the potential.  I’m petite, so I talk with my hands and facial expressions to emphasize my points.

After what seemed like 2 hours of me pouring out my heart to Aaron, I finally asked him the fatal entrepreneurial question. So what do you think, do you agree this is big enough?  He looked me dead in the eye and said “look Morgan, I don’t necessarily believe in this idea, but I believe in you, so I’m with it.”

To this day, I’m not sure that everyone is 100% clear on what we are building. But what continues to motivate us is that we have faith that we are the best combination of people in the world to solve this problem.

As an early stage startup, we’ve got a lot to prove, but I like our odds.

With Love,

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