Janelle Monáe is among the long list of Queer Eye fans who have been drying their eyes and opening their wallets to help a Black lesbian disowned by her family return to college.

As NBC News reports, 23-year-old Jess Guilbeaux appeared on episode five of Netflix's recently released third season of Queer Eye.

In the episode, the Kansas City native shares her story of being kicked out of her religious adoptive family's home at the age of 16 after coming out. Guilbeaux, who now works as a waitress, told the Fab Five crew that she has always dreamed of obtaining her college degree in computer science.

Guilbeaux said she enrolled in the University of Kansas after high school but was unable to complete her studies due to the immense amount of debt she accrued.

Guilbeaux's transformation inspired many not only because of its physical dimension but because of the apparent effect it had on her self-esteem.

“You all just showed me that it is beautiful and sexy to care for yourself,” Guilbeaux said to the hosts following her makeover. “It’s cute and confident to just be Black and be gay and be a woman and what that is, is me, and I am always that.”

The Missouri native's story touched many who flooded Twitter to express their emotions, including Janelle Monáe and Paramore, two musical acts she identified as her favorites on Twitter.

"A friend hit me [and] told me to watch ep. 5 on Queer Eye,"Monáe wrote. "This entire season is special. Please watch."

"Also, you are my personal hero," Monáe wrote, addressing Guilbeaux.

"You're going to inspire so many with your story," Paramore wrote. "Also, you … need some vinyl? Or anything?"

Monáe also retweeted another fan of the young woman who shared a GoFundMe created for the college hopeful to help her continue her dream of pursuing a career in technology.

The GoFundMe was created by a Queer Eye fan named Vanessa Gamet, as The Kansas City Star reports. Guilbeaux confirmed Gamet reached out to her and said she would receive all donations personally.

So far, 841 people have raised over $31,000 in three days. Many of the comments are inspiring and tear-jerking.

"This proud young woman deserves access to a quality education to be able to pursue her dreams," wrote one. 

"My partner and I are out queer people and are so lucky our families have been supportive," wrote another. "We want to pay it forward and help someone who hasn't had this experience. Jess's episode touched both of us deeply!"

Guilbeaux has been enthusiastically overwhelmed by the love, writing on Twitter, "All the positivity and light from y’all made even the rudest of customers today at work easy to brush off."

Great job, America. You got it right today.

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