Janelle Monáe is the latest celebrity to get caught up in a viral moment with Usher.

The two entertainers sparked a buzz after meeting at a recent concert in Las Vegas. Monáe went to Instagram to share clips of her intimate interaction with Usher. One of the clips showed Usher serenading Monáe with “Superstar” as she posed on a railing at the concert. Multiple other videos showed the pair continuing to dance for an extended time while being applauded by the crowd. Usher also shared Champagne with Monáe while singing “There Goes My Baby.”

“we bl(ush)ed in vegas💋 🖤 thank you @usher🖤 1 of 1. incredible show,” Monáe wrote on her Instagram.

Fans on social media were mesmerized by the performance.

“Girl how long was the moment??” one person wrote. “At least 3 songs lol he was captivated.”

Monáe also received her flowers from fans.

“Literally the most beautiful woman on the planet,” an Instagram user wrote.

Usher’s moment with Monáe doesn’t appear to be nearly as controversial as the infamous encounter he had with Keke Palmer. As Blavity reported, a heated debate raged on social media for weeks after Palmer’s then-boyfriend Darius Jackson publicly shamed her for getting too cozy with Usher at one of his Vegas concerts. Usher later spoke out about the incident in an interview with People.

“I think everybody’s vision or a version of what they felt happened there just leads you back to just really having a good time in Las Vegas,” he said. “And that’s what I hope came out of it. Rather, it was a conversation of what was going on with us having fun in front of the audience or conversation about that song.”

While Usher apparently enjoys having fun with his friends at Vegas residency shows, the R&B legend often raves about his girlfriend, Jennifer Goicoechea, calling her “an amazing partner, a support system.”

“We have an amazing dynamic between our relationship where I’m able to be passionate still about what I do and have an incredible partner to work through some of the harder times as a young man dealing with children and dealing with the dynamic of how you communicate with them,” he told People, according to Complex.

Usher’s fans are eagerly waiting for his Super Bowl halftime show performance on Feb. 11, 2024.

“It’s an honor of a lifetime to finally check a Super Bowl performance off my bucket list,” Usher said in a statement provided to Entertainment Weekly. “I can’t wait to bring the world a show unlike anything else they’ve seen from me before. Thank you to the fans and everyone who made this opportunity happen. I’ll see you real soon.”

Will you be tuning in?