Jesse Williams Stars In Beautiful Protest Short Film Promoting Black Love As A Resolution

Our favorite celebrity-activist-bae is back at it again.

Photo Credit: Photo: Time Magazine

| October 13 2017,

1:35 pm

Women around the world have pined at the sight of actor Jesse Williams, with his bright eyes, beautiful complexion, and heart-melting voice. But, what drives us most crazy about the Grey's Anatomy co-star is his use of his platform and celebrity privilege to work against civil and social injustices for minority and marginalized people. Jesse has been no stranger to public speeches on Black Lives Matter, advocating for human rights without hesitation, dedicating awards acceptance speeches to educating and empowering; he's a modern-day Belafonte. 

Naturally, it makes sense for the activist/actor to partner with Harry Belafonte's, TIDAL, and writer/directors Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz to create a presentation that expressed the current climate and needs of our country. The short film, entitled Versus presents Jesse Williams and love interest, singer and actress V. Bozeman in a predicament many Americans know all too well; a state of fear. It encourages us to use the voices and platforms we have, to speak against injustices everywhere -- whether they directly impact our own lives or not.


Jesse Williams shares with TIME, "In a world consumed by organized confusion, it's perfectly natural to feel overwhelmed and unsure. We have to press on with focused energy, creativity, respect and love, not overlooking all that we already possess. One of the ways this piece spoke to me was a reflection of gender dynamics in society and movements work: men struggling with expectations and resources; Black women leading, nurturing and strategizing with wisdom beyond their years. These are merely moments, among many. Keep being yourself — take care of you and yours, or hate wins.”

'Versus' is being streamed via TIDAL now.