The BET Awards is never without a bit of drama, which came in the form of an interview that somehow went all the left resulting in Joe Budden and Migos squaring up on camera. 

It all started when DJ Akademiks told Migos member Takeoff that there "seems to be a running joke" with him not being featured on the group's signature hit Bad and Boujee

Takeoff retorts, "I ain't left off Bad and Boujee. You think I'm left off Bad and Boujee." 

After that, it's hard to determine if DJ Akademiks couldn't understand Takeoff's heavy Georgia accent or maybe Akademiks was being funny, but he asks Takeoff to repeat himself several times in the short video. 

Joe Budden who is initially on the sidelines quiet can be seen getting increasingly agitated, demanding Akademiks to, "wrap it up!" 

Ultimately, Budden makes a face at the camera and drops the mic, walking off before the interviewer or group members could close the interview. 

The three friends maintained a united front and immediately stood to see what Budden was "trying to do". 

When asked what the confrontation was all about and why Budden seemingly instigated the beef, he responded, "They was just a little too sassy for me that’s all.”

Check out the awkward interview below