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Black-Owned Construction Company Is On Its Way To Big $4.5 Million Pay Day

Founded by twin brothers, Castle Black Construction is one of the few black-owned construction companies in nation.

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Twin brothers, Jonathan and Jarrett Logan, founded their construction company in 2005 in Memphis, Tennessee with the hope of making it a success. Since then, the company has tripled its size, built a clientele, created a database of over 100 subcontractors and have projects in Mississippi and Arkansas.

This year the Logan brothers are on track to bring in $4.5 million in revenue this year. "Being a minority contractor, let’s just be honest, we’re at a disadvantage," Jarett told Moxye. "...Financially, we have to be bankable to bankroll projects... And it’s harder for minority companies to prove ourselves with clients and financial institutions."

Castle Black Construction has worked with high-profile clients like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Panda Express. The company provides a wide array of "services that include the ability to manage any project from its inception to completion; including any combination of services our customers need to ensure the construction cycle is complete on time and within budget," according to their website. 

In their 12 years of business, the Logans have become the largest minority contractor in the city and the one company capable of competing with bigger companies. 

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