Jonathan Majors‘ is responding to the troll backlash from his swoon-worthy Ebony Magazine cover shoot that was inspired by a very popular anime and manga.

Nerdist reports that stylist Alexander-Julian Gibbson drew from his anime love to recreate the outfit of One Piece character, Donquixote Doflamingo. Like Donquixote, the Magazine Dreams star was dressed in a fluffy pink jacket and posed in a similar machismo way as the character.


Gibbson posted the shoot on Instagram, writing, “#BLACKWEEBS for the win! took inspiration for this look on #JonathanMajors from one of the flyest characters in #OnePiece. He chewed.”



Even though most viewers of the photo shoot loved seeing Majors in fashionable anime cosplay as well as being half nude, some people apparently felt the shoot was emasculating, according to Hot New Hip Hop. But when Ebony caught up with him on the red carpet for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Majors said that he was in another photo shoot when his phone started getting notifications. He said that for him, when he gets over 30 notifications, that’s when he knows something is up.


“I look [at my phone] and I go, ‘Oh no…oh yes!'” he said. “I think about the photo shoot and the folks that were there…all the wonderful folks and the culture. It’s great, beautiful Blackness, art, cultural creativity, that’s what we’re about…It’s always good to make a ruckus. When it’s a positive ruckus, make the positive ruckus.”



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