Monday night’s NCAA Championship game ended with the Villanova Wildcats beating the UNC Tar Heels with Kris Jenkins’ buzzer beating three pointer. However, with UNC alumnus Michael Jordan in attendance…

…the Jordan cry-face reactions to the loss inevitably popped up all over Twitter. Here are 15 times people out did themselves on Photoshop.

1.  All of Carolina is hurt in 2016

2. If North Carolina had one wish, what would it be?

3.  This caption is everything

4. People are getting detailed…

5. …Super detailed

6.  These Photoshop skills are tew much!

7.  This transformation… amazing

8. Even the whole team wasn’t safe

9. His real legacy

10. “North Carolina c’mon and raise up”

11.  In all phases of his life

12. Not even the fans are safe…

13. How it began

14. Most people’s bracket

15. Even the Mr. Krabs meme made an appearance

Here is a bonus for the fans waiting for Beyonce to drop her album

Just when you think the meme will be retired, it reappears… kind of like MJ.


The Levels!

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