Judge Genece Brinkley fell under heavy scrutiny after delivering an arguably unjust sentence to Philly rapper Meek Mill for a violation of parole. Now with the news of the sentencing going viral, the judge faces greater consequence as more information is revealed to the public.

Page Six reports that the public's response to the harsh sentencing has caught the attention of the FBI, which is interested in the judge's relationships and a possible extortionate demand.

Brinkley's harsh sentencing was relayed, despite the prosecutors insisting there be no jail time, arguing that Meek had grown as a person and been drug-free since the top of the year. One of Meek's attorneys Joe Tacopina made allegations against Judge Brinkley, believing she has a personal vendetta against the rapper. 

Tacopina says the judge requested that Meek Mill remake the Boyz II Men song "On Bended Knee" and shout her out on the track. Meek, considering the request a joke, laughed it off, but the judge apparently replied,  "Okay, suit yourself." Rumor also has it that the judge advised Meek to detach himself from his current label, Roc Nation, and sign with a friend of hers.

In the age of social media, there was just a matter of moments before this news went viral, sparking an almost immediate reaction from fans, fellow entertainers, and activists, demanding a fair sentence for the minor offense. Celebs and fans alike are consistently voicing their support for Meek. Many are using this opportunity to remind others of just how harsh the American justice system is, overall.

Just Monday, fans and celebrities convened outside of Philadelphia's Criminal Justice Center, rallying for imprisoned rapper Meek Mill, according to CBS Philadelphia. Everyone from NBA legend Julius Erving and rapper Rick Ross to Eagles players Malcolm Jenkins and Vinny Curry came out in droves to contest the sentencing and demand that Judge Brinkley's sentencing be reviewed. The supporters of Meek believe that the punishment is excessive and unjust. 

Democratic state Representative Jordan Harris of South Philadelphia says the Meek Mill sentencing is systematic of a larger criminal justice issue.

"The difference because the person we're talking about today has multi-platinum albums and has resources the cameras are watching. Had it been somebody else nobody would be paying attention."

Other political and public figures have also weighed in on the incident:

*We would like to issue an apology to Mrs. Brinkley. The original cover image we pulled from a source was a side by side of her and Meek, not Judge Brinkley in this case.