Offset joined one of Kai Cenat’s 24-hour livestreams recently. Several clips have gone viral as the duo participated in games and challenges, creating memorable moments. Since then, the rapper has thanked Cenat for the time spent on the stream by sending him a heartfelt note.

“Really thankful for the time and fun bro, the whole gang, love them n****s like they my brothers,” Offset said, according to Cenat. “Thank you bro I haven’t had fun like this in life in a long time bro I needed that in my life, been so serious for so long n****s been going through s**t with no fun, Thank you thank you.”

Offset arrived with a packed bag for the occasion. The rapper brought a PS5, multiple controllers, a toothbrush and two pairs of slides. Cenat, who laughed in surprise, showed fans each item.

Cardi B made a guest appearance on the livestream when she called Offset. Cenat asked if her sister, Hennessy Carolina, was single, while Cardi B laughingly said she loved that Offset participated in the stream so she could see what he was doing.

Cenat and Offset delivered several funny and memeable moments, including one when the rapper fell out of his chair and another when he got sturdy with the streamer’s friends.

The following morning, a chef arrived to cook the duo breakfast while they were still fast asleep.

Offset recently released a self-directed video for his new track, “Fan,” inspired by Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” His upcoming second studio album, Set It Off, is scheduled for release on Oct. 13.