Kanye West Falls Deeper Into Sunken Place After Tweeting Support For Conservative Pundit Candace Owens

Fans are jumping ship as new fans on from the right come on board.

Photo Credit: Photo: Twitter

| April 22 2018,

2:05 pm

The Chicago rapper sent Twitter into a whirlwind when he tweeted support for conservative personality Candace Owens on Saturday. 

The right-wing, YouTube personality has been dubbed the "next Tomi Lahren." Owens rose to prominence after a video of her debating Black Lives Matter protesters went viral, and she also serves as communications director for conservative organization Turning Point USA.    ' Writer and activist Shaun King believes this viral video is what prompted West's tweet. 'The influential hip hop producer's tweet quickly went viral with personalities on the right, who may not have been fans of his before, celebrated him for "waking up." They applauded him for getting black people off of "Democratic plantation".' Black Twitter has already questioned Yeezy's political leanings before when he visited President Donald Trump after his election win in 2016. ''''''''''Even with all of the controversy, Yeezy is still tweeting to promote clothing and other projects. 

But he did leave us with a tweet that likely was to vaguely reference the mayhem surrounding his earlier tweet about Owens. '