Allegedly, antisemitic rants are nothing new for Kanye West. Associates and former employees claim the rapper continuously used hate-fueled comments and had an “obsession” with Nazis and Hitler, according to NBC News. The news outlet reports that West paid a settlement to a former employee who alleged the rapper used antisemitic language in the workplace.

Court documents include statements from six people who worked with the rapper over the past five years. The workers alleged they heard West praise Adolf Hitler or mention conspiracy theories about Jewish people. Court documents did not reveal the identity of the employee who received the settlement.

According to CNN, the employee claimed West spoke openly about reading Mein Kampf, Hitler’s 1925 autobiographical manifesto, and expressed his “admiration” for the Nazis and Hitler for their use of propaganda. The employee detailed West’s unhealthy obsession with Hitler. “He would praise Hitler by saying how incredible it was that he was able to accumulate so much power and would talk about all the great things he and the Nazi Party achieved for the German people,” the employee stated, CNN reports.

Although his erratic behavior seemed only apparent at the workplace, the anonymous employee claimed that West’s close friends were aware of his dark interests.

West, who now goes by “Ye,” allegedly required multiple employees to sign NDAs.