Kel Mitchell took to social media and addressed all the comments over his appearance in photos from Good Burger 2. 

Several photos have circulated on the internet of the actor as filming for the new movie is underway. BuzzFeed reported that in one of the snapshots, Mitchell, reprising his role as Ed, wore the classic Good Burger uniform and braided wig.

The 44-year-old received mixed reactions from Twitter users as a photo of Mitchell dressed in Good Burger attire went viral on the social platform. Some went as far as comparing Mitchell to Jada Pinkett Smith’s character Stony in the ’90s flick Set It Off.

Nobody: Jada Pinkett in Set It Off:” one fan tweeted while including the viral snapshot of Mitchell dressed in Good Burger attire. 

Others called out the person in charge of makeup on set, insinuating they used too much on Mitchell’s face.

“No cuz why did they cake all this makeup on him? Kel Mitchell still fine as hale fr so..why lol,” another fan said.

“The makeup artist on Good Burger 2 got Kel Mitchell looking casket ready. Wtf?!” a third user wrote.

“Kel Mitchell having on a full face of makeup is sending me,” another user tweeted.

On Wednesday, Mitchell addressed the criticism with humor in his iconic Ed voice. 

“They said I look like Jada Pinkett [Smith], so we’re about to set it off,” the actor said in the video. 

“Ed and Dex about to set it off 🤣🤣🤪 y’all get ready this is going to be Epic! shoutout to my sis @jadapinkettsmith #Goodburger2 Y’all just got a glimpse of the inside of the Good Burger Mobile! Cleo let me borrow her whip! 🚗 🍔 thx @queenlatifah Can you say exclusive!!!!” he wrote in the post’s caption. 


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In March, Mitchell and costar Kenan Thompson appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. They confirmed the sequel was officially in the works after over two decades since the original movie’s release in 1997. 

According to the synopsis, Thompson’s Dexter Reed has decided to return to the fast food chain and work with his best pal Ed after a series of inventions failed. While Ed has been a longtime employee of Good Burger, his friends have talked him into launching his own career. However, that could possibly lead to the “end of Good Burger forever.”