To illustrate how diverse and forward-thinking pgLang is, creative partners Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free have teamed with startup Light to create a new, minimalist-oriented cell phone.

Dropping Thursday in a limited release of only 250 units exclusively at, the Light Phone II is an alternative to the contemporary smartphone and is “just a phone.” The simple, no-frills cellular device will not include a web browser or color interface.

Founded by Joe Hollier and Kaiwai Tang in 2015, Light prides itself on being “not just another tech company.” 

Light’s website mentions, “We build all of the tools from scratch to ensure there are absolutely no third party apps tracking you. In this time of ‘Surveillance Capitalism’ and the ‘Attention Economy,’ the Light Phone represents a different option. You are the customer, not the product. This is a phone for humans.”

The Light Phone II, available for $250, features tools such as an alarm, a calendar, a calculator, directions, notes/voice memos, podcasts and a simple music player. It supports hotspot tethering, and the 250 phones will include a language tool, allowing users to ask the phone a question, shake it and receive a response on the screen.

Recently, pgLang partnered with Converse to cultivate a new black iteration of the Converse Chuck 70. Promotion of the shoe included a commercial featuring pgLang artist Baby Keem.