Outrage and widespread protests took over Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Sunday after police shot 29-year-old Jacob Blake in the back multiple times while three of his children watched, according to CNN. 

Horrifying video of the incident hit social media the same day and immediately caused fury. A statement from Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers did little to quell the anger across the state and by Monday afternoon, the officers involved in the shooting were placed on administrative leave, The Washington Post reported.

The officers who appeared to fire shots at Blake have not been identified.

State authorities are now investigating why the officers fired multiple shots at Blake who was walking away and entering his car where his 3, 5 and 8-year-old children were sitting. 

Blake's partner, Laquisha Booker, said the officer was being reckless when he began shooting near the children, WTMJ-TV reported.

“That man just literally grabbed him by his shirt and looked the other way and was just shooting him. With the kids in the back screaming. Screaming,” Booker said.

Blake was hospitalized in serious condition as protesters headed to the streets to demand answers, according to Fox 6 News.