Shannon Sharpe is known for not holding back when it comes to voicing his opinions, and a Dec. 13 conversation with gospel legend Kirk Franklin was no different. The two men got into a controversial discussion on Sharpe’s podcast, Club Shay Shay, about financial responsibilities in romantic relationships — and while the episode dropped a week ago, it still has the internet buzzing.

According to Atlanta Black Star, the Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee brought up Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade splitting their household costs 50/50 while interviewing the singer. Sharpe has been pretty vocal about his disdain for the arrangement since it became public knowledge back in May. Like the former football player, Franklin doesn’t believe in splitting costs with a romantic partner.

“I’m old school, I’mma pay for everything,” the “I Smile” vocalist confessed.

But Sharpe and Franklin aren’t in total agreement when it comes to gender roles and money. Much to the internet’s rage, the former Denver Bronco doesn’t think “new school” women have traditional values, like wanting to be a homemaker and raise children while the man brings home the bacon.

“But they can be,” Franklin rebutted on the show. “I think that every woman would be grateful for a man to step up and take leadership in the right way.”

Franklin continued, explaining that women must be equals to their partners. He said that sometimes insecurities lead to men being more authoritative.

Sharpe didn’t share a counterargument. Instead, he changed the subject, and brought up an ongoing online debate about appropriate first dates: While some people believe chain restaurants like The Cheesecake Factory are not an appropriate first date location, others think it shouldn’t matter where you go. Sharpe said he is firmly in the latter category, fearing that women will start to expect men to drop hundreds of dollars on a first date. Franklin said he thinks that mentality is problematic.

Soon after clips of the interview made their way to social media, social media users had a lot to say about both men’s thoughts, which opened up an intense debate about relationships and women’s role in them.

Many came for Sharpe and his more traditional opinions.

“This is such a contrast. I don’t know if Shannon has been in therapy, but Kirk definitely has. It shows. Shannon is single; Kirk is married, having worked thru lots of issues. And Kirk is right: I enjoy a Michelin starred restaurant. I also like my Filet O’ Fish with extra sauce,” a tweeted April Reign.

“If you don’t like women, just say that. If you’re scorned and unhappy, JUST SAY THAT. But stop tryna spread this narrative and cause greater division amongst men/women over trivial issues such as first dates. Raining on everyone else’s love parade bc misery loves company,” another social media user wrote in a lengthy tweet.

One X user said Sharpe is “too old” to be giving relationship advice.

“If you don’t understand these rudimentary elements and dynamics by now it’s too late my boy. S/O to Kirk though, I liked the majority of his answers,” they wrote.

Others focused more on praising Franklin.

“Men should really listen to Kirk. He understands marriage, women and family,” a listener wrote.

“All women ain’t wives,” a commenter argued.

“Kirk Franklin is the role model so many ppl r looking for, but they rather listen to Shannon Sharpe types,” another wrote.