29-year-old Loco, whose real name is Richard Nevels and has more than 58,000 followers and counting on Twitter (@richie_l0c0) and 11.4 million Vine loops, thanks Lamar for his support and introducing new viewers to his work.

RIchie Loco
Photo: Courtesy of Richie Loco

“I thank Kendrick for that. I’ve hit him three times since then [but] every opportunity that comes my way, I just kind of thank Kendrick,” Nevels says, “I couldn’t even catch when Kendrick retweeted me. Five people had to hit me up like, ‘Kendrick retweeting you,’ and they were like, ‘You made it!’”

The L.A. native, who many believe resembles the late Tupac,  has now gained the support of hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg, who reached out to the comedian/actor about collaborating together.

“First of all, Snoop is a real one,” Nevels says, “Snoop is zero industry. He actually knows what I do, where I’m from, if he wants to work with me and if I’m good with that and I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s Uncle Snoop. Let’s do this.'”

He has upcoming projects with VH1 and rapper Nipsey Hussle.

In 2015, his breakout video that went viral “When Your Barber Finds Out You Were Seeing Someone Else” brought attention to his comedic creativity. He admits, however, that he was on the verge of deleting Twitter after feeling it had become repetitive until the addition of the 30-second videos.

“After 2012 – 2013, I was just there for the jokes. I did one video and people were feeling it and I thought, ‘Hmm, I’m on to something.’ So I did another and then another and before you know it, my followers started growing,” he says.

Nevels’ sense of humor was rooted from his childhood, watching his comedic idols such as Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock, bonding with his grandfather through Richard Pryor and Red Foxx, and entertaining family members. He says being able to entertain thousands of people is the most fulfilling.

“I’ve always been the life of the party,” he says, “Since I was about 6 at family gatherings I would have everybody’s eyes on me and I’m like telling jokes or impersonating someone. So yeah, I’ve always had this sense of humor about me. Now I just love that I’m able to reach so many people. So many people tell me, ‘Aw man, I love your videos. I was in a bad mood and you made me laugh.’ I mean, that’s great. That’s what I do it for.”

One of his popular skits involves an always suspicious and aggressive gangbanger named Hi-C, inspired by the L.A. culture he has known his entire life. Nevels says that’s what sets him apart from the legions of online entertainers — and that it has won over two of the most respected MCs in hip-hop today.

Richie Loco
Photo: Courtesy of Richie Loco

“My content is relatable. It’s not nothing exaggerated. I think people say the truth hurts but the truth is also funny,” he says, “When people see that they’re like, ‘Yeah. I definitely find it funny ‘cause I’ve experienced this before’ and I think that’s what separates me.”

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