A 27-year-old Black woman was shot and killed by a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy after calling 911 to report that her boyfriend was abusing her. According to a report from the sheriff’s department, Niani Finlayson made the call on Dec. 4 and said her boyfriend was not leaving her alone. The report adds that “screaming and sounds of a struggle” were heard during the call.

Bradley Gage, a lawyer for Finlayson’s family, said Finlayson’s ex-boyfriend was attacking his client and her 9-year-old daughter. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said officers arrived at the scene and saw Finlayson threatening her boyfriend with a “large kitchen knife.” According to the sheriff’s department, the 27-year-old said her boyfriend had pushed her child.

“Finlayson grabbed her boyfriend while holding the knife in an apparent attempt to stab him, and a deputy-involved shooting occurred,” the LASD said, NPR reported. “Finlayson was struck by gunfire, fell to the floor, and dropped the knife.”

The family’s lawyer, however, disputed the police report. According to a notice from the family, they plan to sue the county and sheriff’s department for wrongful death, assault and civil rights violations. Gage said Finlayson was not threatening anyone, but she was shot in the back from behind a glass door.

The LASD said deputies gave first aid to the young woman until paramedics arrived. She was later pronounced dead at the hospital. The medical examiner’s office said the Los Angeles woman died from multiple gunshot wounds.

“Rather than coming to her aid, they wound up shooting and killing her,” Gage said at a press conference.

According to the LASD, body camera footage will be released during the week of Dec. 24. The department said the investigation will determine whether any criminal charges will be filed. The department will also determine whether or not the shooting was legal.

The sheriff’s deputy involved in the fatal shooting of Finlayson has been identified as Ty Shelton. The same sheriff’s deputy fatally shot Michael Thomas, a 61-year-old Black man, in 2020. The LA district attorney’s office said Thomas, who is also represented by Gage, refused to open the door when Shelton responded to a domestic violence call at a home. Gage said Thomas was unarmed and there was no need for him to be detained. According to The DA’s office, there wasn’t enough evidence to prove Shelton acted unlawfully when he shot Thomas.