Neil deGrasse Tyson is the smartest Black man you’ve probably never heard of.

The astrophysicist is known for commentary about the universe around us and sparking a world-wide fascination with the night sky.

Now, he’s about to make late night a whole lot smarter with his new evening talk show, Star Talk, derived from his No.1 podcast of the same name. Think of Star Talk the T.V. show as something like a mix of The Daily Show and Bill Nye The Science Guy.

DeGrasse Tyson will hold often comedic conversations about the most prevalent topics of the day with the some high profile guests (maybe President Obama and Charlie Sheen?) with a little bit of science vocabulary and astronomy talk thrown in.

Star Talk premieres tonight at 11pm EST on the National Geographic Channel. So channel your inner geek and tune in. You might see side of the universe you’ve never seen before.