As "Black Panther" completes its record box office opening weekend, fans across the world continue to express their admiration for the film and its cast. Two cast members, Letitia Wright and Daniel Kaluuya, who play Shuri and W'Kabi, just gave fans more reason to love the representation of the African diaspora in the film. In a recent interview, Wright and Kaluuya impersonated their parents' reactions to them revealing their aspirations to become actors. Talk about relatable. 

In an interview with host Lady T on UK's Premier Gospel – and captured by Twitter account @AfricanKhaleesi – the "Black Panther" actors shared what it was like to tell their parents they wanted to become actors. Wright, who was born in Guyana and moved to London at a young age, shared, while laughing, that her mom asked: "…You can make money off that?" 

Kaluuya, who was born and raised in London to Ugandan parents, had a similar experience with his mom. He joked that his mom simply asked, "why?"

The actors later shared their parents' pride in their success, notwithstanding a comical statement Kaluuya's mom said in response to his Oscar nomination for "Get Out." 

"Okay," his mom said. "I hope you can convert it into jobs… need more zeros."