Lil Nas X has dropped a new song, “Right There,” which serves as a sneak peek at his much-awaited Nasarati 2 mixtape. Nasarati was Lil Nas’ 2018 debut mixtape, released months before his breakthrough single, “Old Town Road.”

“THANK U FOR ALL THE BDAY LOVE! The next song from the “NASARATI 2” mixtape “RIGHT THERE” is out now on SoundCloud!… See u next Wednesday,” he shared in a post on X.

The song, which was produced by the New York team of Mark Williams and Raul Cubina, known as Ojivolta, was released on Wednesday after being teased by the “Industry Baby” artist on his Instagram Story in February, according to Billboard. On this most recent track, the 25-year-old continues to provoke and push his creativity.

Hol’ up, lil’ b–ch, what you need? What you need?/ I need a n–ga with loose-lick hips/ I need a model with some big, fake lips/ I just did X in the bathroom stall/ On a B-list star, gettin’ my A-list round/ I’m JK like I’m next to LM/ I’m so drunk that my shit went limp, ayy, ayy/ Pour me some Henny.”

Before the song ends, Lil Nas X displays a more assured side of himself with a few pompous bars.

“Big Nas, come get that work/ Montero, these hoes gon’ flirt/ Lost and found, I can’t find my shirt/ Montero just popped that Perc/ This feel like God in. church/ This scripture a Bible verse/ Buss it open and make it, uh/ Buss it open and make it twerk,’ he continued rapping on the track.

On Instagram, Lil Nas X said he was finally ready to share the songs he had been holding on to. The artist has been open about his struggles choosing songs over his concerns about fans’ perceptions.

“Been hoarding music for years. Smh. I hate my relationship with fear of my songs not doing well and perception. I wish I could just release music and not give af!” he wrote.