Lizzo unleashed a series of tweets where she shared her thoughts on regulations government officials across the nation recently passed regarding transgender people.

Tennessee and Mississippi passed laws that ban gender-affirming care for transgender people who are under 18. As a result, after July 1, they will no longer be able to receive medical care.

On March 8, the “About Damn Time” singer reached her boiling point with the rhetoric behind the dislike and lack of support for the transgender community. She compared the disdain for trans people to the discrimination that Black people endure in America due to the color of their skin, which is trivial and an unjustified reason for unfair treatment.

She continued by sharing that people are silent about protecting young people coming into their own identity and that she hasn’t heard a valid reason to hijack them of their rights.

In addition, Tennessee’s governor approved a bill restricting drag performances in public spaces because he alleges it can negatively influence children. Although the bill doesn’t specifically list transgender men and women as showrunners, the LGBTQ community would likely be heavily affected. As a result, they are now nervous if they can be themselves publicly. Drag queen legend RuPaul bit back at this decision in an Instagram post.


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According to the American Civil Liberties Union, there are currently 388 anti-LGBTQ bills in America. What are your thoughts on the laws helping communities versus taking away their rights?