You may not know the name Lonnie Johnson but you certainly know his products.

Johnson, the prolific engineer and inventor, is responsible for the iconic summer staple we all grew up loving: The Super Soaker. 

The former airman and NASA engineer has made more than $1 billion in sales thus far. And while he considers himself a "serious engineer" despite the fun garnered by his most famous creation – he's now turned his focus to another serious matter; giving back and inspiring the next generation of engineers.

His nonprofit, Johnson STEM Activity Center, is funding high school robotics teams and offering them a creative work space in the greater Atlanta region. One of the teams comprised of a group of young war refugees, recently qualified for the worldwide Texas competition. They've only been competing for two years.

While we can't say that we agree with the countless hairstyles and outfits that fell victim to the Super Soaker growing up, we can't help but to be impressed with Johnson for continuing to make a splash in the community.