British platinum-selling singer Mabel returns to music by releasing her new single, “Vitamins,” which dropped under Capitol Records on Thursday.

Mabel, born Mabel Alabama-Pearl McVey, is one of the U.K.’s blossoming popstars. Over her career, she’s garnered 12 Top 20 singles with hits like “Don’t Call Me Up,” “My Lover” and “Fine Line,” two U.K. Top 3 albums, and won best female solo at the BRIT Awards.

Produced by Tommy Brown, who has previously collaborated with Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét, the soul-infused track highlights the singer’s transition back to her early roots in R&B.

When asked about the track, she expressed that her friends and family positively received it and that she dedicated the passionate track to someone close to her.

“This is my family and friends’ favorite song out of all the music I’ve made over the past couple of years,” Mabel said in a statement. “It’s a reminder to the man that I love to take care of himself but also that in difficult times I’ll always be there in his corner. I dedicate the record to my uncle David Cherry who passed during the making of this song. He was a musician and I felt him guiding me musically during the session, to be braver and bolder with my songwriting.”

“Vitamins” is her first single since dropping her sophomore album, About Last Night…, in 2022. Check out the lyric video for the track below.