A Chicago couple stole the show at Wale's concert in the Windy City on Monday. The "Matrimony" rapper agreed to help a man in the crowd surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal. During his performance, he brought the two concertgoers up on stage with him so the man could pop the question. 

Wale briefly spoke to both of them, asking for each other's names before handing over the mic to the groom-to-be. The crowd seemed to immediately know what was coming next and erupted into applause for the public display of love. 

"So I met you six years ago and I just wanted to tell you I want you to be my person forever," he told his girlfriend, who identified herself as Ivy in a video from the concert. "In front of the whole city of Chicago, in front of your mom and dad up top," he continued, pointing up at the gallery seating in the venue.

The Washington, D.C., native walked to the side of the stage, but not before proudly pretending to throw the alley-oop. 

The moment left a special impression on the "Lotus Flower Bomb" artist, who couldn't help but continue meditating on how "intimidating" the love he witnessed between the two people was. 

"Dawg somebody proposed to they girl at my show last night ON STAGE…and I haven’t stopped thinkin bout it . The girl was SO happy shaking and cryin ..That level of love is so intimidating I never really grasped it.. to see it like that up close was amazing," he tweeted on Tuesday. 

Fans joined in with the rapper, echoing the awe he felt during the sweet marriage proposal.

"That was such a beautiful moment! She was definitely happy," someone wrote

Other fans shared their thoughts on how beautiful the idea of finding a "forever person" is and telling the world about them.

"I want some. The kind of love that allows you to put your whole self out there. It absolutely looks and probably feels intimidating. But, I bet a love like that also fills you and frees you at the same time. I'll try to keep the crying to a minimum when it's time. LOL," one person said.

"Intimidating but so worth it. Everything in life is a risk, including love. But that’s one of those risks everyone should take… more than once. My opinion," another tweeted.