Meet Epsy Campbell-Barr, Costa Rica's New-Vice President And The First Black Woman VP In The Americas

Campbell-Barr is making history left and right!

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| April 02 2018,

9:37 pm

Epsy Campbell-Barr has made history, becoming the first Afro-Latina vice president of Costa Rica, Jezebel reports. The leftist feminist economist and co-founder of the Citizen's Action Party is also the first-ever black woman vice-president in the Americas.   

Campbell-Barr joins president-elect and fellow Citizen's Action Party member Carlos Alvarado Quesada in a landslide victory. Their platform included: reducing inequality, creating unity and restoring infrastructure. Campbell-Barr specifically wants to reduce Costa Rica's gender pay gap, and is known for being very outspoken regarding the country's racism and sexism issues.

She has been quoted championing women's contribution to the development of Costa Rica, noting that “women have the capacity to contribute to the state," according to Telesur

“It will be a responsibility not only to represent people of African descent,” Campbell Barr said to CRHoy prior to the election, “But to represent all women and men in the country, a country that gives us all the same opportunities.”

Campell-Barr was a former leader of the Center for Women of African Descent, the Alliance of Leaders of African descent in Latin America and the Caribbean and the Black Parliament of the Americas.

Campbell-Barr tweeted out her thanks to the people of Costa Rica following the victory:

Congrats, Epsy Campbell-Barr!